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Frontend Mentor

For the last 3 years, I've been spending a significant amount of my free time mentoring junior or aspiring front end developers over on Frontend Mentor, leaving more than 20,000 items of feedback in the process!

You'll often find me in their discord server or on the main platform giving free accessibility lessons, offering feedback on solutions, sharing resources or guiding new learners in the foundations of accessible HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Frontend Metor Profile


I've had the pleasure of speaking at numerous companies, events and meetups, as well as leading countless accessibility, design or development training sessions. I'm always open to opportunities if you'd like me to deliver a talk or some training at your company or event, please contact me.

Past topics include:

  • Accessibility Awareness for All
  • Inclusive Code
  • A11y for Backend Developers
  • Front End Accessibility 101
  • Innovate Her & why it matters
  • Common UI patterns and how to make them accessible
  • CSS Grid in the real world
  • From min-max to clamp - what can they do for us?
  • How to address your internal company UX
  • So you think you want a Design System?
  • UX: The greatest team sport there is
  • How we can all help increase diversity in tech
  • Deep-dive on Sass-maps