About Me

  • Accessibility Specialist
  • Front End Developer
  • Equality Champion

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After many years thriving in Liverpool, UK, I am now based in sunny Penzance in Cornwall. I am always keen to contribute to new remote accessibility, front end, UX design or consultancy opportunities.

My Values

This is what I care about (it's not an exhaustive list!)

  • Inclusion & Equality

    Whether I'm consulting, assessing a site's accessibility, or writing code, I want to make every website, product and interface as intuitive, inclusive and enjoyable as possible. No-one should be excluded!

  • Mentoring

    I highly value learning and like to give back to others where I can. I'm particularly keen to mentor tech-curious women, those with disabilities, non-binary or LGBTQ+ people and all other minority groups.

  • Animal Welfare

    A few years ago I went vegetarian because I want to treat animals well. I'm not preachy with it, I just really enjoy cooking plant-based food and adore my cats.

My Skills


As a passionate advocate for accessibility and inclusive design, I've been developing these skills for over 14 years.

  • IAAP Member with expertise in WCAG 2.1 and 2.2 standards
  • Inclusive digital services consultancy and bid proposal/tender response
  • Client and stakeholder liaison for accessibility integration
  • Conducting Accessibility Audits, Reporting, and Usability Testing
  • Comprehensive training in technical and non-technical aspects
  • Team-focused workshops and organizational strategy development
  • Documentation of accessibility criteria and test steps
  • Proficient in assistive technologies, screen readers, and adaptive strategies
  • Implementation of remediation post-audit and organizational change
  • Familiarity with Accessibility Maturity Models
  • Pursuing CPACC and WAS certification (2023-2024)

Front End

As a 'front of the front end' developer, I am happiest when building out accessible components with high-quality, easy-to-read code

  • High attention to detail on code quality
  • Scalable CSS (and SCSS) architectures
  • Pattern libraries and stories (Fractal, Histoire, Stoprybook etc)
  • Strong foundational HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • The highest Accessibility knowledge and awareness
  • Vue.js apps and components
  • Static Site Generators (11ty, Nuxt, Gridsome)
  • Build Tooling (npm, Vite, Webpack, Rollup, Gulp, etc)
  • Workflow tools: JIRA, Azure, Bitbucket, Github, Confluence
  • Version Control Systems (Git & SVN)
  • Code standards (linting, commit messages, pull request evidence etc)
  • Working with APIs, including mock APIs for local development
  • Mentoring and training other developers
  • Documentation and technical writing

Something Missing?

Ask me about it. I’m always happy to learn new stuff!

Voted "Most Passionate" by peers

“This person loves what they do. It's obvious and infectious, and they use their own personality and style to champion the company to people around them. They care about doing the right things, and about doing things right. They are not done with something until it's met the customer's needs and their own high standards.

“They are there when things are good and when things are tough, and they inspire others to the same levels of commitment and high standards.”

— Mando Agency Staff Awards, 2023